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    Physics is my favourite subject but I ended up doing a Maths degree because I'm so damn good at it and decided to focus on my strength and you know, I also liked maths a lot too because I could understand the logic and could do it well and really a lot of Physics is just applied Mathematics (such a badly worded and long winded sentence I know but I can't be bothered fixing it but I can be bothered typing this out). Bobandbill - my partner for world conquest - is doing his physics degree at the moment so between the two of us, we have it covered. I didn't like stuff like English Literature and History where you had to remember a whole bunch of stuff even though I have a really good - though selective - memory.

    But yeah, I really liked physics because I had amazing teachers and it was just really cool and interesting learning why the world works the way it does and stuff like that, rather than just blindly taking it all for granted.
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