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    What happens if there is only one of the Pokemon's type in the game. Does that mean we have to get a second of that Pokemon? a.k.a, Hack in Dratini early on for Kanto Dragon Mono, since it's impossible to get it before the third gym but be forced to get a second one later on? If so, that blows. Nice Userbar things by the way, they're better than the previous ones.


    Anyway, decided to do a Bug Ultimate Challenge. It'll be a nice change since I don't use them normally.

    Username: Crackin355
    Type: Bug
    Challenge: Ultimate
    Game(s): LeafGreen, HeartGold, Sapphire, Platinum, Black, (?B2/W2?)

    I want to do B2/W2 for each type as well, Since I think even though they are apart of Gen V, they have a lot different Pokemon choice. I feel like it's almost necessary for me, since I see it as a sequel to B/W, instead of how I see Platinum as a slightly altered D/P or Emerald as a slightly altered R/S.

    The only problem being that I can't get a ROM of it that doesn't screw up on my R4i. So I'm waiting until someone makes one that works.