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    Okay so I have some pokemon cards that were my ex boyfriends, and I need money so I'm looking to sell them and need help with pricing because all I can find is that outdated 2004 site. and I'm blonde so that doesnt help either ;p

    Holo cards NOT FIRST EDITION:
    Haunter 50hp 6/62 black star , has some weird claw under the right side of the pic
    Alakazam 80hp 1/102 black star
    Ninetales 80hp 12/102 black star
    Hitmonchan 70hp 7/102 black star
    Zapdos 90hp 16/102 black star

    Holo cards FIRST EDITION:
    Mr. Mime 40hp 6/64 jungle black star

    Holo cards SECOND EDITION:
    Alakazam 80hp 1/130 black star 2nd edition
    Clefairy 40hp 6/130 black star 2nd edition

    Dark Charmeleon 50hp FIRST EDITION 32/82 black diamond, Theres an R under the right of the picture
    Dark Energy 104/111 White star, also above that are 2 white stars over lapping each other
    Dark Charizard 80hp FIRST EDITION 21/82 black star, Theres an R under the right of the picture
    Elekid 30hp 22/111 black star, there is 2 white stars over lapping each other under the right of the picture
    Dragonite 90hp promo card, 5, (black star under picture with promo) and kids WB presents pokemon the first movie in gold on the picture.
    Mew 50hp promo card, 8, (black star under picture with promo)

    Japanese Holo cards:
    Blaine's Arcanine hp 90 No. 059 black star LV. 42
    Togetic hp 60 No. 176 black star LV. 31 also 2 white over lapping stars under right of picture.

    Japanese REVERSE Halo cards:
    Togepi hp 40 LV. 10 black palm tree under right of picture
    Vileplume hp 70 No. 045 LV.30 black palm tree under right of picture

    Japanese NONE Holo card:
    Sneasel hp 60 No. 215 white star, two white stars over lapping under right of picture LV. 34

    The last one I have, is ancient mew I believe. the whole thing is in hieroglyphics and all shiny, picture and all. and the back of the card is shiny too. I think it's a promo card.

    I know there is a lot of em and I'm terribly sorry for the trouble. But if anyone can help me out I would be so greatful. I hope I gave enough information to be able to locate and price the cards. Oh and they are all in nearly mint condition.

    Thank you soo soo much guys!

    Also If thats to many cards to price, if you could just price the ones for me that are the most valuable I'm gonna try to sell them ASAP. Thanks guys! :]