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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
I think an actual Cemetery/Mausoleum would be a cool change of pace. Like a literal, outdoors Cemetery, with like a Mausoleum-like building somewhere on the sprawling property. They should make it with like hills, some big trees, and dotted with tombstones everywhere. It could be a side-quest thing with like an HM or some item(s) hidden in it. And now that we have 3D, it would be quite possible to do.
This is what I thought of immediately. We've had buildings, we've had mountains, but we still haven't had a good ol' fashioned cemetery. I'd finally like to see something like that, Buffy-style. Being in 3D, I could imagine a light haze lingering around the eery location like in RSE with the backdrop of this really haunting music. At night, it would look fantastic. Seriously, the more I think about it, the more I hope it happens.

Speaking of the different stories that could be told about the diseased Pokémon who rest there, I would like to see some of their ghosts lingering around from time to time. Sort of like the ghost in DPPt if any of you remember.

If we can finally have a Pokémon of the undead introduced, then I don't see anyplace better than the cemetery to make it available.
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