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Living in the US is alright, it has flaws, particularly how idiotic some people can be but I'm sure every country has some idiots. So I'm some what ashamed of how the country is runned, though I'm not ashamed of the city I come from, St.Louis.
Sure it's not the biggest city or the safest, but I still like living here. It's also got crazy weather sometimes, but I don't mind that cause it leads to interesting situations. (Like last week it was all mid 50s to low 60s and now it's suddenly in the teens and 20s) So I don't really plan on leaving any time soon.

As for my family, the only person I'm really ashamed of is my older brother. He's always being negative and complaining and is a total jerk to everyone. He's especially a jerk towards me by insulting me for no reason. Though we get into arguments alot, my dad's pretty nice and I love him for always being there and raising me well. Not ashamed of my little brother at all but rather I'm pretty proud of him. He's done a lot for someone his age. It's sad that he's been more successful than me and he's only 17. But that's definitely something to be proud of instead of being ashamed of.
im back
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