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    Millicent Kaiko

    Milly shifted her weight slightly as the rather long introduction speech began, already bored. She had just known that there would be an introduction speech, there always was, as after all, despite this place being for Youkai, it was an academy after all and how different could it be. Right?

    As gentle hum of introductions between students died out, Milly refocused back into her current surrounding, as a man appeared on stage. His was body clad in a long rode which covered him from head to toe quite literally, as where the space that his face was meant to be was hidden in an oval of shadow, over cast by the folds of hood.

    Well that’s a weird one, she found herself thinking as she looked forward soaking in her new head-masters appearance while trying not to look at the people either side her, just in case they accidently made eye contact and looked at her. This wasn’t because Milly was shy or anything though, instead it was more the fact that she had already managed to mess up her brand new uniform and she cringed at the thought of people noticing. Though it was hard not to. It was splatted here and there with dark splotches of mud, and dust already coated her shoulders, making the once, green-turquoise coloured blazer seem grey in comparison to everyone else’s.

    Curse you football and all you stand for! She thought bitterly, as she rearranged her skirt, one of her fingers trying desperately to finger off a peculiarly large clump of mud which had become attached to her skirt. She didn’t even dare think about her hair. She already knew, without even checking, that it was a mess. Skidding along the ground without bothering to tie the brown mass up, would do that after all. But what had really driven the last nail into her coffin of her appearance were the number of broken twigs which now nestled into her brown hairs tangles.

    The boys had been too chicken to go get the ball out of the, admittedly, creepy mist covered forest, which had left Milly to go get it.

    Sighing slightly she refocused on the head master as he looked in their direction. Well at least she thought he was looking in their direction anyway. The hood kinda hid all eye movement for Milly to be clear on that fact.

    “Class 3C's homeroom teacher is Higoroshi-sensei, please be nice to him."

    Milly did nothing to this but simply stare as another man stepped forward introducing himself as their teacher and explaining what time and where their class will be tomorrow morning.

    He seemed nice enough anyway as far as Milly was concerned however her outlook on him right now was slightly tinted with the fact that he opened his introduction announcing the fact it was a free day.
    “Sweet!” she whispered to herself as she did a small fist pump in triumph. She hadn’t exactly meant to do that out loud really and it earned her a few odd glances from the other classes, but right now Kaiko could not care less. She has spotted a pretty amazing swimming pool when having a small explore around the campus earlier and she knew for a fact that it was there that she would be spending the rest of her day. After of course, checking out her dorm.

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