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Kemono Vera
The initial reactions that ran through Kaitlyn's mind were somewhat less impressed than perhaps those of others; she knew her father would be shocked by what this ICARUS had done, and what a name he chose for a revolution, but her livelihood was based far less around the cultural obligations to technology than what most would work with; intangible concepts like stock and ownership, as opposed to the good hard soil that rested in her backyard. And really, what were a bunch of nerds going to do to raise anarchy, or use the information they acquired? It didn't particularly affect her. Though there was a twinge of sadness over what would happen to other people, who did rely on these things, her depression nulled it considerably.

The interblag couldn't stop the sun from shining, and villains like what this ICARUS seemed to aspire to rarely wanted to destroy the world, because no more fun could be had! That was her reasoning, at least, as she immediately began clicking about the interface in preparation for the days ahead. Sleeping might be something of an issue, but that could all be solved in time, like all of the real world that slipped past the center of her universe. What was happening on screen was very real, and something that she could take advantage of, for the sake of others. Before, she'd always given away the loot she earned, to help newer players along their journey, and that could be done again. She just needed to escape the arena and get to
The Plains, for some good ol' grinding.

Her years of being glued to the screen would pay off more than ever, and her DAEMON was more than eager to bounce about the world, just as she had before, and use her skills in brawling to rid the world of whatever stood in her speedy way. The lithe Kemonomimi dashed through the crowds, past falling titans and flying midgets that would have impeded her with combat or their corpses, and leaped across them in a blur past the screens of most gathered DAEMONS. It was a shame that people were going to such lengths for things they couldn't even use, but she expected the worst out of them anyway. Digital data could always be regained or restored, but breaking somebody's heart was a far worse crime, and something that was far too easy to accomplish...for some.

As she weaved through the crowds, she caught a glimpse of her father's DAEMON muscling his way through a mosh pit of colors and characters. Like herself, he hadn't been interested in giant muscles or unlimited powah, and slipped through the gathered players with the wispy, elastic limbs of a solid mist-man, and the sight of him brought an issue to mind quite swiftly. He was nowhere near as competent a player as she, and would react in a far more anxious manner to losing his key and even getting into a fight than any other person would. He rarely visited any of the combat areas, and she was one of the best solo players in the game; much more fit to be a defender of the key than anyone else.

"Sorry, dad." Kaitlyn muttered beneath her breath, for she was sure he'd be questioning her soon enough. Kemono Vera hopped atop the corpse of a recently-defeated Daemon and used it as a springboard to hurtle through the air, twisting her body into a corkscrew of momentum directed directly towards the man of solid mist, who had barely a moment to throw up a block before she tore through his torso in a flail of arms, legs, and tail that killed his character in a far swifter manner than somebody just wailing on their opponent would have done. His key jumped to her character, as per ICARUS' rules, and she continued her sprint towards escape. Not that she got much EXP for killing a level zero character in the first place.

With her hand clasped around the Razer Naga Epic, her fingers at the keyboard, and hey eyes diligently glued to the screen, Kaitlyn and her DAEMON were prepared to fight their way through the worst of what was to come...