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    I'll try and get a hyllian in. Shame I can't use Relak again. Oh well I typically prefer a more dex than strength charcter.

    ---------------------- (edit. here's a majority of it. I may add more to the appearence and of course I haven't touched ont he history yet.)

    Name: Jakio Rycain

    Nickname: Themajority of things he is called besides his names are not quite appropriate tolist.

    Race: Hyllian

    Sex: male

    Age: 17

    Career: woodsmen (well apprentice of one)

    Appearance: Jakio stands 6’2” but has a lean build, which isperfect for his line of work. Dark brown scraggy untrimmed hair falls aroundhis head covering his ears and neck. Dark emerald green eyes stare intimidatingout from under his mop of hair. His face has many sharp features that remindmost of a fox or wolf.

    He wears a dark green-gray tunic over a light brown longsleeve shirt. Jakio’s pants are dark brown cotton trousers. He wears softleather boots to help him move silently. On both of his wrists are leatherbracers the one on his left is specially made to deflect the bow-string afterfiring an arrow, while the other is a partial gauntlet to help when drawingback an arrow or when using his falchion. Jakio wears other light leatherarmor: shoulder pads, shin guards, chest piece etc. The chest piece is wornbetween his shirt and tunic to deceive foes of a weak point.

    ((just saying its only green because he works in a forest. Itsnot meant to be like link, and it is rather different in shade.))

    Personality: (How does your character act? How does he/shethink? Do they have any racial discrepancies? This section must define yourcharacter as a person.)

    A very quiet person Jakio keeps away from most others. Heprefers the quiet of his small cabin in the woods outside of his village home.He tends to stay serious and prefers not to get involved in many of the thingsthat are so crucial to others: money, property, and fame. His own pride, honor,and integrity are reward enough for his work in life.

    As an apprentice Jakio’s overconfidence often gets him introuble. He does have skill, more than most of his master’s previousapprentices, but nowhere near as much as he claims. His main proficiency iswith a recurve bow, but he also uses a hatchet, and two daggers. He thinks aweapon tells a lot more about a person than words, and it leads him to judgepeople mostly based on that rather than other factors.

    Jakio only wants one thing in life and that is a bit ofsolace. He believes working for the majority of his life will earn him somereal peace as it ends. He intends to live through whatever the world throws athim, and then use it to fight back. It’s all about adaptability. He thinks thathe is capable of doing anything or taking on any challenge so long as he isgiven time to ready.

    History: (What has your character been doing before the RPstarted? What events of importance took place? Please note that the fight wherethe Hero of Time fell was ten years previous. If he/she wasn't there, theyweren't there. This section must explain enough to give your characterbackground.)

    Other: Jakio can’t stand drinking most potions.

    Password: red rupee