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Overall I'm not ashamed by I'm not proud either.

Whether it be where you live in your particular town?
I lived in Denver until I was 14 and now live east of it. Not a huge fan of that city, but I do kinda enjoy where I live now. People here are rather mellow, and like the rest of the state the weather isn't too predictable.

Whether it be your family?
My grandmother was always really good about keeping everyone in our family together no matter what happened. The thing is though, is that she's gone now, so now our family doesn't really meet up like it used to anymore.

Whether it be your nationality?
I love the United States... but at the same time I hate it. I supposedly live in one of the more uh... healthy states, but that doesn't keep me from being disappointed of elsewhere. I'd like to try living elsewhere, but currently that's too difficult.
On another note, I'm 1/4 Cherokee, so I sometimes take pride in that.
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