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    Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
    Hey guys, I have a few questions, and please don't make a big deal and say I'm asking for scripts, I know how to script perfectly fine, I would just like to know what is needed to be done to make these happen:
    a script for a door that opens when the player has a key.
    a script for a trainer battle using the vs seeker (where they continue to get stronger)
    a script for a mart that progressively sells more items as the game goes on. (not over time, through set points in the story)
    help for any of these would be much appreciated. Thank you.
    I don't know how to do the second one, but I have done the first and third.

    For the first one, just place a hidden character on the door and remove the warp. Then write a script that will open the door, have the player walk forward, and then warp. Then set up a script that will check your player for the key, using the check item command, and if he has it, it will jump to the first script. If not, it just says that the door is locked.

    The second one is a little more complicated. You can use flags or vars, though vars will simplify it. First, find a tutorial or figure out how to make a mart in the first place. Now, make several different mart scripts with the mart you want for each point in the story. Put all of these marts as differet dynamic offsets in your script.

    Now, I'm going to use vars for this explanation, place a script or add to a script at key points in the story that will set a specific var, let's say 0x5000 +1 at each event.

    Then, go back to your old script and using the compare comand, check your var for the different values and have it jump to the different mart offsets based on the value in the var 5000.

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