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So a few people may have said already that the structure in the back of one of the scenes of the trailer looks like the eiffel tower. However, most still think this doesn't actually mean it would be located in france.
So now to get to my point, i may be one of the only ones to not have seen this immediately, but right at the start of the trailer, pikachu is standing in a city, now that doesnt mean very much, but when you see him doing his thundershock attack and the camera slowly moves out of there and shows the whole earth. When you pause it at the right time, at about 00:13. You can clearly see pikachu was standing on the Eiffel Tower. Also, it is shown the thundershock is directly coming from the center of Europe.
To come to a conclusion, Is this something everyone already knew about and didnt see it as enough information?? Or am i the first one to see this? Anyways, i made this thread to speculate if this game would be set in france or not, and if this is a confirmation or not.

For reference, Here's a picture of what i saw
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