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    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    This was the very first thought that came into my head. The reason for gun control in the United States is because of people like him. If you really want to keep your guns, don't listen to him.
    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    I would laugh at how unaware this fool is of what he's just done to hurt his own position, but I know there are hundreds, thousands, and probably millions of similar fools in America who wouldn't get the irony and who also probably have guns themselves so I'm really worried more than anything that we have such a gun problem something like this can be said in the first place.
    Pretty much this. The irony is almost killing me. Haha, get it?

    Originally Posted by CarcharOdin View Post
    LilJz1234 hate to break this to you, but...

    The United States murder rate has dropped more than 50% since 1992. It seems to be getting there, with or without increased gun control.

    I've yet to determine the cause, however, so make of it what you will.
    Well, there is a theory/study here: People got more intelligent.

    @kelario: At first I thought you were being sarcastic, but you seem to be serious. Hm.
    First off, you can't compare the USA and Canada by weapon laws alone. It's also a fact that Canadians are much more nicer than the usual American, since in America you have a elbow society. I would prefer to use a much more insulting term, but hey, rules and stuff.
    Originally Posted by kelario27 View Post
    Get off the internet, all of you.
    I politely return the request.

    Originally Posted by kelario27 View Post
    Even if guns were banned in America, they can still get them elsewhere; if guns are banned in every country on the planet, they make their own. There's no stopping criminals unless you fight back yourself; these guys get clever and if you can't defend yourself, you're dead.
    Oh yeah, it's difficult to get guns in Germany and I'm getting murdered practically everyday. Not. I wonder why is it difficult to get guns in Germany after all? I wonder if it has to do something with this war-thingy you spoke about.

    Originally Posted by kelario27 View Post
    Listen people. Criminals will go to great lengths to commit crimes.
    Because they are criminal because... uhh... they want to! It has probably nothing to do that they are despaired of their situation. Or simply crazy, but this amount is always very small. Take the (German) example of Winnenden, for example.

    Originally Posted by kelario27 View Post
    He would become a criminal if he just decided to shoot somebody for no reason.
    Sick heads, as I said. If I were you, I would wonder more why there are so many sickheads in America. Fox News, maybe? Guys like the Manson family murder for no reason. Else there is a reason (through they don't justify killing).

    If he shoots somebody who's invading his home to try and take away his guns, he's defending his property and therefore isn't a criminal.
    In my eyes, if you hurt anybody life threatening just because he is robbing you (for some reasons) you are the criminal. You can rebuy stuff, but not return people from the dead. Oh wait, next argument is "He should have thought about that before!", right? Well, that's what prison should teach him.

    By "killing people," he means the latter.
    You would know, right?

    Fun question: Who is the bigger criminal? The guy who shoots you or the society that drove him to that point?

    I hope that wasn't too much sarcasm to understand. I would like to conclude my post with the following thesis:
    Guns are made to kill (not to "defend", you got tasers and stuff for that), so there would be less gun murders in America if there would be less people ready to kill for little reasons. So the problem isn't the gun law but the people. In America.

    But as always, making it more difficult to get guns, would prevent many kills in affect I bet.

    I also wanted to make a mockery of how tools of death and "Love and Tolerance" fit together, but I have a meeting now, see you later!
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