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Kreia from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. I've explained a million times why I like her, I'll just link to my review of the game and say that, with TSLRCM, it's by far my favorite game of all time.

Originally Posted by XLegionxX View Post
I think he is one of the only characters this year who is not a cardboard cut out. He was a lot less predictable than any character I've ever seen. Vaas fit the psychopath role perfect.
You should play Spec Ops: The Line before you make such sweeping generalizations. A pretty darn good game, though it suffers a bit from what is known as "railroading" in tabletop games (basically, manipulating events so that you play the game the way they want you to in order to support the writer's argument).
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