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    Hey guys long time no see! I'm no longer a cashier at Shop N Save (thank god) but I still work in retail as a dairy clerk for Walmart. I still had one or two horrible customers but not nearly as much as I did when I was a cashier. Thank god the hollidays are over with, they were way too stressful for us. But one of the women was looking for half and half, which we ran out of our store brand but had 2 Prarie Farms quarts. She freaked out because we "didn't have any half and half" when we clearly had at least two things of the PF brand. >.< There was an older gentleman that was looking for the same thing but he was nice about it so I apologized for not having it to him and just ignored the stupid woman that complained. Also one day while I was stocking milk this stupid woman came up to me and said that some of the half gallons of Skim Milk had Chocolate milk spilled on them and her words were this "I don't know if you care, but it looks like Chocolate Milk spilled on this." in a snobby voice. I just said okay and took the half gallon back. I was nice to an older woman who had the same problem after that dumb woman, and kindly cleaned the bottle off for her. And finally the last story I have, my Department manager and I were stocking eggs and there was this snobby rich woman who probably never worked in retail her whole life kept picking up cartons of eggs that were broken and kept saying "Oh this is horrible!" I then said i'm sorry ma'm, and she just said in a snobby voice "I'm sure you are." So my department manager found her a decent carton and she left. We have tons of things to stock, we don't have time to go through ever single carton of eggs we have. There's no way we could do that and get everything else done. Those are the only bad customer experiences i've had while working at Walmart so that's good. Now I don't have to deal with customers that much, and some days not at all.

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