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Originally Posted by Nodog438 View Post
Username: Nodog438
Color: Yellow
Game: Crystal
Ultimate: Nuh-uh

Update 1:
Did beginning stuff, blablabla
Picked Totodile because his evos are part-yellow
Catched DAPULSE(Weedle, now Beedrill)
Beat Falkner
Recieved egg
Togepi becomes a HM slave
Beat Team Rocket in the well
Beat rival for 2nd time
Beat Bugsy
Catched Sandshrew(part slave)
Went to Goldenrod
Recieved Odd Egg
Igglybuff hatches, after speeding up the game on VBA
Not sure if you're following the rules here exactly, but the only Pokemon on your team that qualifies as Yellow is Beedrill and Sandshrew. We are following the official Pokedex color, if you go back to the OP you can find a Pokemon list by color. We aren't subjectively picking Pokemon that have yellow colors in their sprites.

and now for an update:

Update on Ultimate Monocolor Challenge (Pink).

Update #2 on White.
  • Beat Cheren and met Alder, then crossed the bridge to Driftveil City.
  • Cleared out the Cold Storage, then defeated Clay at the gym.
  • Went through Chargestone Cave, and when Dreamer learned Psychic, I evolved her with a Moon Stone into Musharna!
  • Scaled the Celestial Tower, then defeated Skyla at the Mistralton City gym.
  • Beat Cheren again, then got Surf from Alder.
  • Caught my third team member, Alomomola, at Driftveil City.
  • Trained her up on all the water routes and unlocked areas with Surf.
  • Moving on from Mistralton City, I went through Twist Mountain to Icirrus City.
  • Took on the gym and defeated Brycen easily with Alomomola.
  • Team Plasma showed up again, and I beat them up in the Dragonspiral Tower and Relic Castle.
  • Made my way to Opelucid City, where I defeated Iris with Amanda.
  • Wen through Route 10 and Victory Road without much trouble and arrived at the Pokemon League.
  • Did a little moveset editing, then took on the Elite Four.
  • Everyone contributed to taking them down (no solos at all, actually), with Alomomola garnering MVP honors.
  • Several cutscenes later, I defeated N and Ghetsis with difficulty (Max Revives were used shamelessly), and the credits rolled.
  • Back home, I realized that I forgot to name Alomomola, so I jetted over to the Name Rater and named her Valentine.
  • I am saved in Castelia City.

Elite Four Round 1:

N & Ghetsis:

Team Pink:

Valentine the Careful Alomomola, ♀ - L60 @ Damp Rock
Ability: Hydration
Moves: Waterfall, Wake-Up Slap, Return, Rain Dance
Elite Four 1 MVP, Ghetsis MVP

Dreamer the Rash Musharna, ♀ - L59 @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Psybeam, Nightmare, Hypnosis, Future Sight

Amanda the Bashful Audino, ♀ - L58 @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Regenerator
Moves: Double-Edge, Work Up, Wild Charge, Last Resort

HM Slaves:

Oshawott - Cut, Surf

Throh - Strength

Woobat - Flash, Fly

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