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Originally Posted by WeightyWillBill View Post
Can I request a few eggs? I don't need a rush, I just want some so I can participate in the Favorites Challenge. If not, I totally understand.

Pokemon: Corphish
Nickname: N/A
Gender: doesn't matter
Nature: doesn't matter
Ability: preferably adabtability, but if not, that's fine
Egg Moves: dragon dance? if possible
Best IVs: none
Pokerus: no

If you can provide two (:
Pokemon: Murkrow
Nickname: n/a
Gender: doesn't matter
Nature: adamant, jolly (idk how the mechanics work)
Ability: preferred moxie
Egg Moves: brave bird (:
Best IVs: n/a
Pokerus: no

I'll have to restart and catch a few lillipups to trade if you are willing to help me out :D
Request filled. Message me when you are ready to pick them up.
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