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    Elene Merlin
    General School Grounds
    Elene's reaction to the entire speech was somewhat less interested than some of the others present, for she was more distracted by sorting out her uniform than whatever he had to say. Formal introductions and greetings that were far too enthusiastic for something as boring as this. All the information she needed was handed over to her well before she arrived, and she was damned sure that everyone else would feel the same way. They would if they weren't idiots, anyway, and judging by the dumb looks on a few of their faces, they were! She supposed the cool people would be around soon, although she loathed the fact that she couldn't show off her own beauty.

    Because Marilyn was too shy to be around so many people, Elene had to wear a wig to cover up her silky silver hair and contact lenses to cover her piercing crimson eyes, so she could pretend to be in human form around the others. All because of that stupid rule by stupid people that they had to stay in human forms around each other, as though they didn't know everyone else present was a Youkai. Well, guess what, they were, and she knew it, they knew it, and the only problem was probably inter-species racism against the other students. Well, golly, wouldn't that just suck.

    Regardless of these restrictions, she'd seen fit to alter her uniform before stepping foot into the hall. Instead of having it strapped around her chest like a restraining measure, Elene's jacket was stuffed into her violin case so her rather fine blouse was displayed instead, with the pristine white sleeves rolled up to her elbows and a jeweled necklace hanging across the collar. Beneath the the dreary navy socks of the school uniform, the vampire had pulled on a pair of lovely striped pantyhose. There wasn't anything against accessorizing in the school rules! If there were, she wouldn't be able to carry her violin case everywhere.

    Be nice to the teacher...unless he was a human, Elene doubted he's suffer any harassment from the students. Then the Headmaster left with a reminder of his dumb rule that was dumb, a chick with scruffy hair cried out about candy or something, and she decided to take her leave before any of it could leak onto her. As she left, the elegant vampire walked with inhuman grace and pursed her lips together to whistle while she walked; a delightfully energetic tune she'd been practicing the night before.

    Unfortunately, her lacke- friends weren't anyone around to help her unpack in the room that Marilyn would make a mess out of later, anyway, Whatever she would do with her, Elene didn't know, but she was soon using her vampiric speed to give herself a boost to the girl's dorms, piling her many suitcases of items in her lean arms and arriving at her bare dorm-room in no time at all. It was nothing to be impressed with, at first, but in no time flat, it was decorated completely, everything in a nice and organized manner for potential inspection. "Can we go a night without you destroying everything?" Elene asked, looking in the mirror.

    There was a brief moment of time, as Marilyn returned, where the vampire winced at the slight ache in her arms and the pain of fresh contact lenses in her eyes, before she regained her posture and nodded with a smile into the mirror. "Hey, I'm not dirty! Just disorganized. And I won't mess anything up, as long as you don't come back to the dorm know I have to cram like crazy to get anything done in two hours." She lectured Elene, hands on her hips and a mild look of disgust at the fashion. It was far too flashy for her tastes; nothing was wrong with a loose hoodie and a pair of shorts.

    The vampire blinked again, and Elene returned, brushing off the comments with a smirk and a dismissive wave of her hand. "I'll get right on that." She said, removing the jacket from her violin case and hanging it up neatly in her closet. If she didn't have her jacket with her, nobody would tell her to put it on! Then, she left with a confident spark in her contact lenses and a tune on her lips, as she headed out to wander the grounds; she'd either meet somebody new, or attract her friends with the song.
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