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Fel - Cherrygrove City

Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned to hours. It truly seemed as if no one was going to come to join the two. It was a strangely comfortable experience for Fel. He was sitting rather close to the scantily clad girl he'd just met, but he didn't feel awkward at the seemingly intimate situation. Maybe it was the sea, he thought; the pushing and pulling of the waves, the swimmers and fishermen off in the distance, the vivid wonder of the horizon, he understood clearly how Mercedes was so at ease.

"E-excuse me!" someone exclaimed from the behind the two. "You two wouldn't happen to have seen a man in formal wear anywhere along the shores, would you?" The girl seemed to have been running around for a good while, because she seemed to be out of breath. She was a relatively tall woman with short, auburn brown hair. Her eyes were as red as a rabbit's, and her skin was somewhat pale. She wore a leather jacket, and under that she wore a blue tank top along with short short jeans.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that she was another recruit. The two told her that she was at the right place, and she let out a heavy sigh of relief, though she seemed to be a little embarrassed at the fact that she scaled the beach several times, passing by the two each time.

"My name's Marona, it's nice to meet you two. I didn't really notice you two during the whole 'kidnapping incident', I was a little two scared at the time." The woman said with red cheeks. Mercedes scanned over Marona's person, feeling as if there was something off about her, but Fel couldn't tell exactly what that "something" was. "Uh...I guess I seem a little strange," Marona started, scratching her head. "A 32 year old business woman like me in clothes like this, my personality doesn't really fit the clothes." Marona laughed half-heartedly after saying this. Mercedes chuckled a little as well, after she noticed...something. Mercedes backed off and put her hand out.

"Name's Mercedes, and that guy over there's Fel," She said, pointing Fel. Marona shook Mercedes' hand and told her that it was a pleasure. Fel waved, and then noticed something hit his foot. It was a soft impact, but what hit him was definitely a thick metal. When Fel looked to see what it was, he found a message in a bottle. It was an interesting find, bottle mails were things that had, for the most part, died out of media and the like, it was interesting to see one here. Fel signaled fir the others to come over and removed the cork with his teeth, reading the text aloud.

"Greetings, dear recruits," He started, clearing his throat so as to make the reading mostly uninterrupted. "If you are reading this, then you must have accepted our call. I will keep this message brief, as this first mission will be the one that truly decides if you are trustworthy enough to join our cause. I am to assume that each of you has a pokemon, but most likely do not have a Pokedex. Whether you do or not is irrelevant, really, a man named Mr.Pokemon will give you further instructions."

"So basically, it was another 'piss or get off the pot' situation, much like the initial message we received," Mercedes grumbled with her arms crossed. "Well, I suppose we better get going."

"Uh...hold on," Fel said as Mercedes changed back into her normal clothing. "What about the fourth recruit, shouldn't we wait for them?"

Mercedes shook her head and said, "As I said before, they'll come. Don't worry about them, you've got your own problems to worry about at the moment, so let's get going." Mercedes proceeded towards the next route, with Marona following in suit. Fel looked back to the way he came, wondering if the fourth recruit would be okay on her own. He then sighed, deciding that he, at least for now, he would trust this curiously intelligent girl, and went on to join the others.
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