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    Kakusu Mabayui Tengoku
    Kakusu stood silent with an uneasy look in the back of the crowd, distanced a few feet from the nearest group of students. He gazed up towards the headmaster making his introduction speech up at the stand, looking mystique. The man was wearing what seemed like a white, hooded, cloak that made most of his face indistinguishable from shadow. At first, Kakusu looked at the headmaster intently, curious of how this academy would work, as he had never been around other children before. Eventually Kakusu lost interest as the speech didn't inform him of much he didn't know before and Kakusu began to look around at the student body around him. Everyone seemed very standard except for a few that he managed to pick out of the crowd although not even these people had anything significantly different about them aside from things like eye color.

    As students were dismissed along with the rest of their respective class, the crowd began to clear out and the drone of audible speech turned into low voices whispering and muttering. Even though the crowd of students soon got smaller and became more distant from Kakusu, he still a small distance from the small group that remained. This remaining group was about the size of each of the groups that left and a strangely familiar smell prevailed to Kakusu. He wasn't sure if it was reliable but the smell of a nearby human jerky made him feel more relaxed.

    An announcement from the headmaster caught Kakusu's ear and he focused on the second figure on-stage. This man appeared to be a run-of-the-mill human and Kakusu doubted that this teacher was a Youkai but that would be a curiosity that remained unanswered as the man finished his brief announcement.

    "Class 3C, Higoroshi-sensei, classroom 13" Kakusu muttered to himself, taking note of the headmasters final rule, to not use his Youkai appearance around others.

    With this said, Kakusu retreated into the Boy's dorm, hoping if he had a roomamte that they would be a tolorable person by his standards. Outside of the dorm there was tranquility and peace. Kakusu stood out in front of the building, taking in the scenery.

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