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Despite being years now since I've been in school, I still remember it like it were yesterday. :') ok that's a lie but whatever

I always enjoyed history class. It's fascinating to learn about the past. The only time I didn't like history was when I didn't really like the teacher. Even then, though, I still loved the subject. German was fun, too; I got to learn another language! Then probably science classes, depending on if they were heavy in math. Chemistry wasn't as fun as biology, geology, or astronomy (my favorite! although also math-heavy but I liked it so much I didn't care cause SPACE).

Never liked PE. I'm not a terribly active person, and I am very crap at sports. Mostly because my hand/eye coordination is crap. :( The only PE class I enjoyed was aerobics. It wasn't competitive, and while it was still exhausting as all hell, it was satisfying to me.

Oddly enough, I wasn't usually fond of English either, despite enjoying to read and writing all the time. It was the analysis part I hate. I always felt like I was making stuff up as I was going along, despite the fact that I always passed my essays. I think overall I liked math just a bit more, even though it wasn't my strong suit.


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