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    I am probably the most socially awkward this person in the world. Ok, exaggerating, but I'm really antisocial. I have two or three friends in high school. One started talking to me because I helped him in latin, and the other two because they felt sorry for me. Surprisingly, I was extremely popular at my old school, but that was a "gifted school" so we were all innocent and immature (save two people). There, I could be myself. My jokes were funny. Now, all jokes told in my high school are extremely perverted to the point where I don't even understand. And it's an all boys school. I sat alone for awhile during lunch because I was to scared to sit with anyone, fearing they would try to start a conversation and, as is usually the case, I would have no idea how to respond. I usually stay away from people because I just don't know how to talk. Plus, I'm not into girls, don't know the basic...stuff...and to be honest, I refuse to look at people when they kiss (all boys school, so that's not a problem there, but just to show my immaturity). So pair that with my inability to converse and there you have it. Me. Oh jeez, looking back, that sounded very self pitiful. That's not what I wanted at all XD anyway, sorry for the long, self pitiful-full rant. I'm done
    Edit: hah, I have better friends on here and the world beyblade organization than in high school XD.
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