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    I have Digimon World: Dusk as well and I really liked Lunamon and its digivolutions. The second factor is that I was going for a balance concept with mine. Third, but most importantly, I thought it'd be funny :x

    As far as digimon choice goes I wouldn't think about it all that critically. I mean, having a diverse "type" team would be strategic, but I don't want that to interfere with anyone's plans. By all means go with a digimon that you'd like to RP with.

    @KingKaos: Thanks for setting an example! There's going to be two Dorumon in this RP (maybe they're long-lost twins or something-- I dunno just something for you and HTS to consider pondering), which is fine by me. You're Accepted!

    With two players and three reserved spots I'll call the RP semi-open; I'll get to work on the IC thread + my starting post.

    (also putting a rush on that since Skymin's back and I don't know if there will be another disappearing act... sorry Skymin don't hurt me) :x
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