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    (This is Golurk by the way, not Sophie, so she isn't double posting!)

    Okay so I have a new challenge idea, and was hoping for some critique!

    The Low Level Challenge

    So the basic idea of this challenge is to have really low levels. Seems simple enough, right? (I word things really confusingly, so try not to get confused until I've explained it all!)

    Okay, so the challenge doesn't start until you get repels.* Until that point you can't buy pokeballs, and so you can't catch pokemon other than your starter. However, you're going to want to keep your starter low leveled (so picking one super effective against a gym is wise) because here's the catch: When going to catch a pokemon, you must use a repel first. That way, pokemon will only appear if your pokemon are really low leveled, and then you can add them to your team. When catching a pokemon, your highest leveled pokemon must be in front of the party.

    And then there will be some "check ups" along the way. So like, at the 3rd gym for this game there's a level cap of __ and at gym 7 there's a level cap of __ with a level cap of 55 or something for the elite four (although it depends on which game)

    So that's the basics! What do you think?

    *I now realize you don't need repels and could just check to make sure the pokemon's level is lower or equal to your highest pokemon. Oh well! :D