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    Sven stretched in his position laying across the boat, Kristi laying next to him. Their rods were set, and simply awaiting the curious fish. The sun was beginning to set, marking the perfect time to be on the waters of Lake Hylia. Kristi turned towards Sven, smiling, and said, "Lovely twilight, am I right? Our favorite time of day."

    Sven nodded, and cracked his knuckles. He then sat up and grasped a pole that showed the first signs of a bite. He grasped the handle, and waited for the bite. There! He quickly and expertly set the hook, and began reeling in. This one did put up a fight, but Sven's powerful arms were trained for these fish. It wasn't five minutes before he had pulled a reasonably large Pike from the water. Killing it with his knife, he threw it into the iced chest with the rest of the days catches.

    Kristi on the other hand, was lost in memories. Oh, how heroic Sven had looked that day. Brandishing his bow as if it were alive, killing the devil-spawn that had captured her. She loved him, but sadly she had yet to pronounce exactly how deep. She knew he felt at least remotely the same, but with men, there was no knowing. She created a small twilight crystal in the air, simply a shard of matter from the twilight dimension, and made it float in front of her. At a flick of her fingers, it plunged deep into the water, lodging itself in the mud. Were anyone traveling to the Hylian Temple, the reddish glow would be quite noticeable. However, were anyone but a Twili pick it up, it would deliver a sharp shock before disappearing. The Zora that inhabited the waters of the lake had mostly learned to avoid them, and they would disappear on their own after a few days.