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Would I be cheating if I just said Ditto and be done with it? Because I'd totally do it, I would totally just say Ditto and be done with it.

...that'd probably be trolling, wouldn't it? *sigh* Okay, let me be serious about this here...

1. Gardevoir: Still humanoid, quite pretty, and some beastly psychic powers to toss around, as well as electricity, healing, magical leaf... yeah. Lots of fun stuff.

2. Meowth: Pay Day. Free money. That is all.

3. Weavile: I've always been a rather slow runner. Sure, there are faster pokemon, but as Weavile I could be incredibly low key about it. I already have a habit of unintentionally sneaking up on people and scaring the crap out of them. With Faint Attack I could delibrately do it all the time!

4. Kricketune: ...okay I got nothing. I love his cry. DEEDLEDELEEEEWHOOOP!

5. Slakoth: I eat to much as it is, being able to last in contentment for three months on a single leaf would be pretty great, to be honest.

6. Nidoking: I love Nidoking's combat potential, he has so many options thanks to his massive movepool. Nothing would quite say "is Puppeteer Mask gonna have to choke a b****?" better than turning into a giant purple dinosaur... well a giant purple dinosaur that is not Barney.

7. Vanilluxe: ...wait, no, no, I don't want to be a Vanilluxe, I'd eat myself.

7. Tangela: ...tentacles. >.< ...yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...

8. Porygon 2: Probably make internet surfing loads more convenient. Obviously, I wouldn't want to be Porygon Z given how glitchy and nutso it is... it'd probably make things too complicated.

9. Meleotta: I'm already a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, I may as well become a badass and powerful Fighting type pokemon and crank that up in Piroulette Forme. And then there's always Aria Forme for a secondary to my Gardevoir thing going on.

10. FREAKIN' DITTO, MAN: Did you really think I was gonna let this one go? Ditto's awesome. It's like a free ticket to whatever I want. Just get a good enough image in front of me and I can be whatever I want. : 3
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