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    Vloggers - I just don't understand how you can sit there and watch a person talk about their problems every day without wanting to claw your ears off of your head. It's obnoxious to sit there and complain to your friends every day, but these people do it to millions of strangers and some of them have cult-like followings.

    BBC's Sherlock - I bet it's an okay show, but there's no way it's THAT good. Also Benedict Cumberbatch's facial structure makes me uneasy.

    The Walking Dead - Good show. Not 10/10, but good. In my opinion, it lost its charm after Dale died because he was the only character with any sense.

    Energy drinks - Mainly just something that irks me from my childhood. Everyone was obsessed with drinking energy drinks because they thought it made them cool or whatever and I just never understood it.

    Stream vs Download wars - Does it really matter how you watch something? Sometimes streaming is just easier for longer shows. There's no chance I'm downloading 50 episodes of Pretty Cure just to watch it once.
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