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Okay A&D members, I've got a question for you all! :D This question also applies to our graphic artists.

Why is it that you draw [or create / edit.. depending on your medium] Pokemon? Is it because it allows you to immerse yourself even further into the Pokemon world and gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling? Is Pokemon just the first and easiest thing that comes to mind? Or perhaps you draw the Pokemon you use in-game to develop them as characters? What are your reasons for drawing Pokemon and why do you like to?

Personally, for me it all comes down to fun. Pokemon allows for so much versatility! I'm allowed to do anything I want with already established characters, or I can enhance those characters as I choose and turn them into something else entirely. I can choose to use all of my imagination and creativity, or none of it. Take my Altaria and Flygon piece, for instance. In that drawing, I see Altaria and Flygon as characters.. which is why I coupled them with a "task" and gave the piece a certain feeling. My intention was to add more life and identity to the Pokemon themselves. Whereas, I've seen many gallery's here with images [excellent images] of Pokemon for Pokemon's sake. So, to summarize, I like to draw Pokemon because it always seems to fit into my mood. No matter how I feel or what I want to draw, there's always a Pokemon that can correspond with it. n_n;

Your turn!
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