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    Misshapens: The Blob-Like Pokemon Fan Club!

    Hey welcome! If you’re wondering what this club is all about it’s a fanclub for all of you who love the underrated, amazing, adorable blob-like Pokemon. If you love any of them, come on in we’re always open for new members. We discuss topics about them, participate in fun events and in general just have a great time.

    •Please follow all of Pokemon Club rules and forum-wide rules.
    • No trolling, harassing or flaming anyone.
    •Upon joining you may pick two partners, the first 5 however get 3 <3.
    •Please try and keep active as possible.
    • If you continuously break any of the above rules, we’ll have no choice but to either ban you temporarily or permanently from the club, depending on how severe the offense is :<. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen alright?
    • And most importantly, have fun!
    If you have any questions or concerns or a suggestion for the club, feel free to PM us!

    Sign Up Form
    Partners (you may add nicknames if you wish!):
    What made you join?
    Answer/Contribute to the current topic

    Two good blobby partners are a thing every club member needs! Feel free to nickname them. :D

    *Please feel free to comment about our list of blobs! If you feel one is missing, or one doesn't belong, don't hesitate!

    ArcanineIsDaBomb (Owner)

    CourageHound Krush and Chasm
    jellicentfan1 Gary and Optimus Prime

    Current Topics!
    • Why did you choose your partners?
    • Should there be any changes to the list of blobs?