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Originally Posted by Houndour2005 View Post
Meghan McCarthy [email protected]

#MLPFIM spoiler alert: @johndelancie delivers a line in this weeks episode so perfectly that it may cause the Internet to explode
20t Meghan McCarthy Meghan McCarthy [email protected]

I can neither confirm nor deny that there is something for me to confirm or deny.
21t Meghan McCarthy Meghan McCarthy [email protected]

@M_A_Larson @SweetieBotatDD You and your spoilers, Larson!!

Happy Pagan Festival Holiday Season! Seems Zap2It just dropped the synopsis for that new episode we learned of, Keep Calm and Flutter On.

I didn't read all of either of your posts ( I stopped when I saw the word synopsis), but please post any synopsis or other spoilers in spoiler tags and let people know that they are spoilers. I am trying not to know what is in the episode before I see it, it adds a great deal of mystery and suspense when watching the episode. Thank you.

Also this is what it feels like trying to avoid spoilers: