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    OOC: Grey befriends a swarm pokemon in this post, is that okay? I'll edit if it's not.
    "How rude. Those people have absolutely no manners. Isn't that right Harry," Grey says, brushing himself off. "Now then, what to do now. I mean, we were kicked out of two cities on the same day, and they're connected by this one path."
    "Eevee, Eevee E-Eevee." The Eevee says, pointing at the tall grass with its head. Does he mean to sleep there, or befried a new pokemon. Either way, I don't think it'll work. I mean, unless a pokemon wants to come with me...
    "Do you want a new pal?" Grey says to Harry, who nods in agreement. "Alright then, off to the tall grass." So, onward they go, searching the grass for a new friend, when an enraged Farfetch'd dashes toward them and bonks Grey on the head. "Oww.... What was that for?! I oughta teacj you some manners! I've had enough of getting bonked around today, and I'm taking my anger out on you! Harry, tackle attack!" Harry does as he is told, pinning the poor Farfetch'd to the ground, then jumping on it repediatley. Alas, this moment of victory did not last long, and Farfetch'd slashed him in the stomach for that. Harry then dashes for it again, and tackles it again. This time, the Farfetch'd surrenders, and backs off. "Aww... D-Did I do what I promised never to do? I... I hurt a pokemon in my rage. A-Are you okay? Farfetch'd?"
    The Farfetch'd walks toward him, and as if he were saying, "You have beat me in a contest of strength, and I would like to learn your way of fighting." He bowed to Grey, and hopped on his back.
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