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    I am the worst at making decisions. I need time, LOTS of time, and even then I'll still change my mind after. I sleep on things and change my mind, then I find out more options to consider; one day I'm listening to what's logical and then one day I'm listening to simply what I'd find more enjoyable. I'm just way too fickle. xD

    Even like, everyday decisions are hard for me to make. The other day I must've stood at the deli counter for like ten minutes before finally deciding what meat to get, then a few minutes later I totally regretted my decision. Not to mention, I've been agonizing for years over whether or not I should get a job!

    So, you can only imagine how hard it is for me to make actual significant life decisions. Every time somebody asks me where I want to go to college or what I want to do with my life, I have a different answer, haha.
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