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Takumi Makkusu - A Funny Beginning

"This school seems...okay." Hi, I'm Takumi Makkusu. Yes, you can see my name at the top. Just bare with me here. I got expelled from my last school, & my parents mysteriously found this school to send me to. They were excited to send me back to school, even a room for myself, yet I can't help but find this school odd.

I must be getting paranoid.

I stood with a bunch of students outside, facing a stage where it stood. I'm wondering if or when an announcement will be presented. Some of these teens here... They seem normal. This sure is an odd school. Not long later, some strange figure appeared beyond us on stage. He looks like an adult, so he must be a teacher. He didn't look that way though. Is he the headmaster of this academy? Most headmasters don't wear a cloak like that. I can't tell what he looks like under his hood.

Yup, I'm not crazy.

The headmaster gave his speech, & I listened carefully. What caught my attention, how to cope with humans? He was just joking about that, right? I can't really figure this out. Perhaps I'm just overthinking all this. My homeroom teacher was Higoroshi-sensei. I was free to go anywhere, as I have class with him tomorrow.

Another thing that caught my attention: don't show your Youkai appearance to anyone. What does that mean? I should look up Youkai later. This is seriously weirding me out. I should just head to my dorm.

Wouldn't you know it, I get lost. I can't seem to find the dorms around here. I should've gotten a map or something. I'm walking around looking for the dorms, not looking at anyone. Will I bump into someone? Probably not... Hint hint, Pink.

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