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    Originally Posted by Leikaru View Post
    Okay then, I have a few you could use:

    Pokemon Reforce
    Pokemon Rebirth
    Pokemon Iron
    Thanks a lot, but I'm not sure they give the feel of my game... I think I'm leaning towards: Litharreon or something like that, but you don't need to keep thinking up names for me hahaha

    I'm questing any good scripter! I am dying for someone who can make my true ambitions come alive!
    Please help me, I'm stupid with coding and need someone awesome, if you do this you'll get uber credit, brownie points and be my bestest friend in the whole world.

    I'm also looking for a composer, and a spriter, these are just if anyone wants to, I'm not dying for it like I am a scripter, I really need someone who can script x.x

    If you are interested please pm me or email me at [email protected]

    ~My Deviantart - Litharreon Wiki - Litharreon Game Download~

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