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    Thank you much, and you're right about everything, really; I noticed it all myself, which is why I wanted to make it clear I was far from done. The flatness turns me on in a way, I even re-edited to keep it looking flat. I think that's partly because I was hoping for a textile sort of look (speaking of the smoke here) rather than a three dimensional one- and while I do feel I need to organize the objects a little better, as you suggested, I think I ought to work on the face more than anything, give it more of a look that pops out rather than blends in with the smoke. The eyes were frustrating, I couldn't get them right (blame it on the ganja) but I'm working on it. That's definitely not how I want them to turn out in the end. I agree with everything you said, basically. Bah. I'm glad you like the concept, though! Gives me motivation to keep working.

    I totally would like to go digital. I just wish I had the means to. ~sigh~, the troubles of a starving artist.
    Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
    Hmm.. I'm having a hard time distinguishing what's what in your latest piece. I'm not saying that it's not good, however. I believe conceptually it's very strong. And that pattern must have been painstakingly tedious.. But it comes across as very flat and monochromatic.

    Like you said, this piece is far from done. But if you're looking for advice on where to go next, I'd start adding depth by way of blacks and whites. The whole piece is one consistent shade of grey, which makes it hard to see (to me anyway). Also, and this is going to sound horrible, but the pattern looks messy. Now, I totally don't blame you for that. Even if you've been working on this since before you posted a gallery here there's no way it'll ever be *perfect* without some form of digital intervention. But the biggest downfall of this particular piece is just the lack of distinguishable depth and the hardness on the eyes.

    All that said, I'm glad you took dbp's advice to give your works more breathing room. This one's not cropped so close to the line art so it's cleaner overall. And again, it's is very strong in concept, so I'm hoping you'll keep working it! I'm so glad you've continued posting your work here! Excited to see even more! :D
    (Don't know how your quote ended up below my message, but okay.)
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