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I thought I read a case of a 17 year old baby a few years ago. Hm. Anyway, that's not very good really. The parents never get a break in that case, and I can't imagine how it would be when they pass away. And if she has younger siblings, how do they introduce her? "This is my big sister!" "But she's like...five." "...Yeah, I know." Or even the parents introducing her to people as the oldest child (assuming she is anyway). idk. That's just crazy. I feel bad for her really. Like...does she go to school and stay in the same grade for years and years? I wonder if she understands any of this...I mean kids are kids, but they're not stupid. She has to realize "Why do my friends grow older but not me?" and omg friends...her friends grow up without her. :( That must be rough having to make new friends...

Okay I'm thinking too much and I'm gonna make myself upset over this. :(

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