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Castle Town
A silhouette walked across the unoccupied marketplace as the rain came down. The sky was filled with dark clouds and the roar of thunder echoed throughout the town. Water streaked between each of the cobblestones in the paved path towards the exit of the town and all that could be heard was the footprints of the man who stole out of the town, a splash heard with each step. He avoided nearing light that he could easily be seen in, until he approached the drawbridge that was soon to be pulled up. Diceon began to walk past a guard that eyed him suspiciously, posted at the gate of the town and curious as to whom this figure was and what they were doing. Diceon picked up his stride speed and a lightning bolt momentarily revealed his face that was previously hidden in the shade provided by his cloak. Diceon changed his brisk walk into a moderately fast jog and managed to outrun the guard in case the man would try to stop him. As he stood outside of the walls of the town, Diceon pulled a torn piece of parchment, with scribbled writing that seemed to be almost like an gibberish and jargon, from out of the folds of his cloak. It reads:

The disease is beginning to take effect and it definitely cannot be cured by anything in my disposal. I apologize for there being no cure or at least a treatment. I know that you may not take this news well but I want you to know that there might be some sort of cure out there, unknown to all of Hyrule but this is just a speculation. I’m sorry that it had to turn out this way but I have hope that somewhere out in this land, there will be a remedy. You probably will live to your fifty’s at the latest although you might grow significantly weaker in the use of your limbs as you age. I recommend that you remain-

Diceon dropped this letter into the moat outside of the town and continued on.