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    What made you join?: Well the blob criteria of pokemon contained some of my very favorites so I just had to join! =)
    Answer/Contribute to the current topic: My two parters are very similar in comparison. Both are posion types, both are blobs(oviously) and both can alter and minipulate their bodie's physical form or shape to certain extremities. Muk is a giant mass of friendly sludge whos just awesome from head to toe and Swalot is an intriguing poke of sorts with a mustache to match. In the anime both have shown to be able to use their abillities to gain the adavantage. Muk being able to halt and absobr most physical attacks with its sludge, while Swalot contracts and expands its body to re-bound and nulify various attacks as well. Who doesnt think thats cool?

    After looking at the list a second time, I can affirm that the pokemo on the list all have somewhat spherical or squishy features that earn them the blob tittle. So good job!