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    Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post

    Do you own any MLP merch? If so, what do you own? Post pictures if you like!
    My Pokemans Ponies, let me show you them. (Lots of photos ahead)

    First are the Glittery Blind Bag ponies from Wave 1 that site on top of my DVR.

    Here is my Desk.

    Description in Spoiler
    (From Left to Right)
    San Degieo Comic Con Derpy
    Hot Topic Vinyl Derpy
    Large (Walmart) Pinkie Pie Plush (featuring a Pin on mustache that I recived from WeLoveFine)
    Small (Target) Pinkie Pie Plush
    "Unplugged" 3x5 print. I picked up the print at Bronycon. (Deviantart link

    Next Stop is my Dresser

    Description in Spoiler
    (From Left to Right)
    On top of the Alarm Clock is the four variant Pinkie Pie Blind Bags. Glittery, Metallic, Glow in the Dark, and regular.
    The back row is the McDonald’s Happy Meal toys. (Fun Fact, these toys where some of my first, as I was too shy at the time to go buy any of the toys at the store) On the End is Brushable Lyra.
    The front features a Small Dewott figure I picked up at the Nintendo World Store in New York City when I visited the area for BronyCon. Just to the left is a picture of the Mane 6 that came with the Lyra Brushable. The rest of this line is composed of the Mane 6 Blind Bag figures minus Fluttershy because her blind bag is just a Rainbow Dash Recolor, and it just looks wrong. On the end is the Lyra Blind bag

    To the left of my dresser is my calendar

    My Back pack sports three pins on it, All acquired from BronyCon

    Here is a pic of the rest of my stuff, the only thing I don’t have a closer view of is the Derpy Messenger bag (bottom Left) I bought from WeLoveFine, I used it to carry the stuff around that I bought at BronyCon. (the rest of the descriptions are in other photos.

    First picture is of the cards, I have no idea how many packs of these I have bought, but a lot.
    Bottom Left is all of the cards I have, I keep them in the Pinkie Pie Box (Target), The middle thing is the collectors Tin (Walmart), and the top left is the DJ Pon3 Box (Hot Topic). Don’t forget about the Small Rainbow Dash Plush (Target).

    Poster that was included with the Pinkie Pie Box

    Poster that was included with the DJ Pon3 Box

    Poster that was included with the collectors tin.

    This image is of a Sketch I won from SohpieCabra. ( She gives away sketches all the time on twitter. She hosted a said event while at BronCon, First person to find her on the floor got a sketch. To the left of the picture are my Convention Badges.

    Comic Issue #1 & #2 from Hot Topic
    Below are the Convention Guides (Their official names are escaping me at the moment)

    I have a set of the posters that Walmart was giving away. I have one framed, I need to get around to getting the other three framed, but I keep forgetting to buy said frames when I am at the store.

    Well there you have it. While typing all of this stuff out, (and taking pictures) I came to the realization why I always feel broke. XD

    Well in the words of one of my irl Brony Friends: “Ponies, because crack is cheaper.”

    EDIT: Derp, I forgot about apparel.