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    Ok I have just beaten Drayden and done the Team plasma thing in Opelucid City (Where it freezes over) and beat Zinzolin. However, my team is horribly underleveled.

    Lv 42 Lucario
    Lv 41 Ampharos
    Lv 41 Jellicent
    Lv 42 Zoroark
    Lv 42 Vibrava
    Lv 48 Serperior

    I do not want to change any of my team. I have a Lucky egg and an Exp Share (Egg currently equipped to Vibrava, Exp Share to Jellicent). Could anyone give me any tips on where to train? I want my pokemon to all be at least Lv 55 each by the Elite Four. Thanks for reading!
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