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    Originally Posted by h0tshot1025 View Post
    I want one of those Poliwags. The Bold one if possible. I'd me willing to trade a Lvl. 30 Magmar with Magmarizer Mild Nature, I used it for some time but I could use EV reset berries if you like.
    I want a Politoed though, but they are still little Tadpoles D:
    Ok i'll accept the trade ..
    Sry i cant help u get a politoed because im out of king's rock ..
    Tell me a time u will be able to on so we can trade ..
    FC in the signature ~

    EDIT : You don't have to reset the EV ~

    Originally Posted by TheFreak123 View Post
    Do you think you can find me a shiny Minun? I have Black 2 so I got some stuff that White 2 doesn't have to trade for the shiny Minun (Vullaby and stuff like that). If not I'd like that shiny Numel. Let me know what you want to do, thanks.
    Im ok with it!
    You can have both the numel and minun ~
    Will inform you when i hunt until it ...

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