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    Name: Shinji Jizu

    Age (13+): 14

    Appearance (Description or Image):

    Personality: Shinji is a very soft-spoken young lad. He is very quiet, and refuses to lie to anybody, good or evil. Despite the fact that he is quiet, he is very flirtatious if he gets to know a girl. It's one of his downfalls, but he isn't afraid to admit it. His intelligence level is off the charts, but people think he's stupid because he is so quiet. When he gets in a battle, he uses clever tactics and speedy attacks.

    History and motives for entering: Shinji was born into a poor family in Lavender Town. They barely scraped by with his father's measly paycheck from grave tending in the Lavender Tower. He was around pokemon a lot, seeing as he would catch them for friends. They would pay him to catch a certain pokemon. He met Frufru at an early age and befriended her when she was a Bulbasaur. He ventured out into the nearby wilderness soon after and found Jaynie as a Jigglypuff. Frufru battled hard, and they evenutally caught her. Then they went into the Dark Tunnel. They caught Bold there. When Shinji found out about the tournament, he jumped at the chance to make a better life for his family. He needed that money.

    Current Team as of entry (species, gender, ability, 4 moves)
    -FruFru the Ivysaur-Female-Overgrown: Vine Whip, Magical Leaf, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder
    -Jaynie the Wigglytuff-Female-Cute Charm: Body Slam, Sing, Double-Edge, Metronome
    -Bold the Graveler-Male-Sturdy: Earthquake, Rock Slide, Rollout, Explosion

    Any other relevant info:
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