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Thanks for the welcome, Cirno and Hikari.
I tend to be more of a forum reader than a poster. I usually only post when I have some thing that will add to the discussion and maybe send it a different way. It tends to follow the way I am IRL.
I actually started playing Pokemon when red/blue was released and have played at least one version as they came out. More of the casual player but after a recent attempt to compete in an online tournament, I decided to try playing from the "beginning" to collect all the Pokemon for my most recent game (black2 presently).
My choice for X/Y starter is Fynx ( as I will call him despite not being German) because I always like the fox like Pokémon.

As for my avatar, he is Boo, original from the Baulder's Gate game and adopted by Megatokyo webcomic.
75% of Pokemon gamers use cheats and specially made codes to make their Pokemon battle-worthy. If you are one of the 25% percent that level their Pokemon up legally, put this in your signature.
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