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Originally Posted by xxScarletDragonxx View Post
Oh my gosh I'm so excited. This was the first pokemon hack I ever played and actually the main reason I joined this website!! I might start a new game. I just love this to death. :D
I'm working hard to make Beta 4 well worth the 2 and a half year wait. It's basically going to be a revamped and extended Beta 3 with Beta 5 being the finished game with afterstory quests.

Semi-full list of differences from Beta 3:
  • More custom Pokémon
  • New maps
  • New events
  • New tiles
  • Physical/Special Split
  • Day/Night System
  • New battle backgrounds
  • New battle interface
  • 'Final showdown' with Team Rocket at Orinoco's TV Station
  • The battle of all ages in The Haven land against Gralite
  • Byan City Gym Challenge
  • Pokémon League Elite Four Challenge
  • Follow-up battle against a resting Lugia
Plus others!

As I never like to leave a post empty-handed here is a couple of teasershots:

Wait, I saw bare kicks, saw bare clothes
Said psyduck that, I can't wear those
I don't like them, they're not my ting
They went silent, they're all weirdos