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Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
Yes, they should work. If you're trying out some of the many animations Brother1440 has been making (available on the wiki), then I've not tried them out yet so I can't comment.

Have a look at the animation's position - it should be "Screen". That's all I can think of.
They had marked the option "Both Battlers", so I it have changed to "Screen", and I saved.
I test it in the essential game and they continue without the animations work.

Then I opened the Animation Editor again, but now there is always an error if I use the Animation Play Rain Dance, Hail, Sandstorm, and Sunny Day. (it's okay if I use another attack)

Pokemon Essentials
Exception: ArgumentError
Message: wrong number of arguments(4 for 3)
PBAnimation:466:in `initialize'
PBAnimation:466:in `new'
PBAnimation:466:in `initialize'
PokemonAnimEditor:1150:in `new'
PokemonAnimEditor:1150:in `play'
PokemonAnimEditor:3062:in `animationEditorMain'
PokemonAnimEditor:2927:in `loop'
PokemonAnimEditor:3092:in `animationEditorMain'
PokemonAnimEditor:3111:in `pbAnimationEditor'
EditorMain #####:110:in `pbEditorMenu'
PS: I'm sorry if my English is not well understood.
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