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    I'm a newbie so let me know if i make a mistake. Bought myself another hg, my previous one met with some misfortune(lost). After 2 months of playing im the proud owner of 4 shinies ^-^(not including red gyrados from game). At the moment I have a shiny :

    Meganium 3125 SR
    1.Rattata RE -was just biking to hatch the togepi egg and went in grass by accident)
    2.Sudowoodo x2 67SR for first 1124SR for second (killed the first one after crit hit and had to get it back)
    3.Nidoran(M)-was ev training for hp then this guy came along, I'm like this is not a
    nidoran(F) Imposter!! till now I believe all shiny's were female since all my shines have
    been female.)
    4.Nidoran(F) -wanted shiny Ho-oh and none of my pokes can stand a chance to weaken it without killing,
    so if i get a shiny it will just end up killing me. Caught a growlithe but wanted a faster one, with
    flash-fire ability, it will make Ho-oh fire moves useless. Lo-and-behold a purple nidoran(F) popped
    up and sparkled, im like yesss!!!!!threw a pokeball and caught that chick. Funny thing is she has
    31 Iv's in speed go figure lol.

    Currently trying to get shiny Ho-oh 112 SR at the moment, hopefully get at end of month
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