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It's pretty gay to be offended by the word gay.

Originally Posted by twocows View Post
If some people are legitimately offended by something like that, those people need to grow some thicker skin. People who say stuff like "that's so gay" as an insult probably don't mean anything by it. You want malicious intent, look at WBC. Now there's something to be offended by.

Demonizing people for saying something dumb when it's obvious they didn't mean anything by it is just giving yourself an ego trip. I call it "being a self-righteous jerk."
Originally Posted by outfox View Post
I do avoid using words that carry a lot of baggage, like "f****t" or the "n" word, but I don't believe any word is inherently harmful. We attach hateful connotations if we want to.
This is exactly how I feel about it. I think it's society's fault for having developed the word used in that way to be interpreted this way, and thus people attach hateful connotations with the word no matter which way it's used. I also believe that people who are actually insulted by someone calling something gay in the stupid sense should grow some thicker skin, as twocows said. I'm not an insensitive person, and I understand that somethings are sensitive to other people, but I generally hold the belief that there are more important things to focus concerns like that on than someone's language.
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