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    Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
    Thats the point. The poor quality of the food will be another incentive for them to work together.

    Their job is to make our country a better place. Their refusal to act will ruin our country. I don't care how it's done, but something needs to be done to force them to do their damn job.

    A doctors job is to try, keyword try, to heal their patient of their ailments or to prevent them from dying. Even though they are not always sucuessful, their attempts to mean that they are doing their jobs.
    I almost disagreed with you, but then I remembered how little this congress has actually done and... yeah, if anyone deserves punishment for not doing their jobs, it's these guys.

    I encourage everyone to look up the "do-nothing congress" under Truman. They were universally despised for their inaction, and this congress has done waaaaaaaaay less.

    Also, I agree that the more radical parts of the republican party need to just let go already. You shouldn't put the entire country at risk because you can't sufficiently harm old people (medicare and social security are not at risk, regardless of what Fox news says, there's no other reason to cut them and deny people over 60 healthcare and retirement).

    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    I don't know why we can't have a deal for middle income people. Nobody is arguing that the middle class should pay more. We should get that done, spare most people, and then debate separately how much the higher income people should have to pay.
    It gives them leverage over the president. If they don't pass his bills they can hold it over his head and say "sign what we tell you to and maybe you'll get what you want."

    Democrats screwed up and gave away all their leverage, I don't expect the Republicans to do the same.
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