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Never too late to make an account; I personally made one in 2006 but really only did so for the hacks. Then when 2011 came along I decided to make a second account as a way to mark my becoming active and get posting. :D; Welcome to PokeCommunity and it's a pleasure to meet you! <3

Yeah, getting active here around this time is a great decision due to the announcement of the sixth generation. As I've told others already (I really can't hype this game enough, hehe) the games look absolutely amazing and have some of the coolest starters ever. The X and Y section is bustling with activity and will be for a long while, so as our awesome regulars already said, definitely stop by there and get speculating. Trust me, it'll be loads of fun, especially when more information about the games get released. Do you plan on getting X or Y? I'm still waiting to see things like version exclusives before I make a decision, but Xerneas is my favorite of the two legendaries~

But outside X and Y, is there anything else you're interested in (Pokemon or non-Pokemon)? We have pretty great off-topic sections as well; places like Other Voting Polls in particular are really popular among new and old members alike. Plus they're great ways to relax if you want a break from all that Pokemon chatter we have going on here. So yeah, do some exploring and find what you're most interested in if you haven't already! Keep the rules in mind when posting and have a great stay. <3;

See you around!

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