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    Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
    I think it more-so deals with the male ego than anything else. Not only does it relate to people being comfortable in their sexuality, but people being comfortable with their gender identity and secure in their masculinity as well. I haven't seen any females with concerns like that, which is why I think it deals more with the male ego than anything else. Probably because lesbianism is generally associated with butch in society rather than femininity. Not sure why that is either, but I think the two relate somehow.
    Lesbianism has sort of been normalized more because of the male attitude towards it, it think. There's still a lot of hatred towards lesbians, but the cultural climate has changed a bit more because of the way men represent lesbian and bisexual women in the media.

    Not that this doesn't come with its own host of problems (it's common for men to look at lesbians and bisexual women through the lens of sexual fantasy and treat them as such).

    As for the gender identity concept, historically claims of homosexuality have been used to pressure men and women into traditional gender roles, which is where a lot of the stereotypes come from (examples: "you're baking cookies? Don't be gay, dude. Women should bake things, not men" or "You like Sarah McLachlan? Gay!"). Homosexuality has lost a lot of its stigma, so the stereotypes are also fading, but they're still noticeable in our culture and media.

    This also work vice-versa, where being gay is bad because it is not part of your gender role.

    My theory anyway.
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