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    Wandered Relic Passage some more, then decided to get serious about catching a Drilbur, so I went back up and got some Repels and came back down to stir up some dust swirls. After a lot of catching, checking and resetting, I came up with a nice Adamant, then went back out to poke around the sewers a bit more, since I wasn't sure I'd been everywhere I could go. And discovered that the guy standing in front of the other stairway was gone. So I went up and found the garden and started hunting through the grass. Rattatas, Pidoves, Cottonees (caught one, didn't pay attention to it), and lo and behold, an Eevee. Nice. Oh, and a Buneary. Male though...

    Ended up filling in the Habitat list, but it took a while. Got a really nice Impish Lopunny and a couple of Eevees (I'll have to breed for more, but that's fine). And a male Whimsicott, which means I can get a female Ferroseed and breed a Ferroseed with Leech Seed. And I Audino-ground pretty much everyone up to about level 20. Then it was time for Burgh's gym.

    I had picked up somewhere along the way that his gym had a different design, but that was all I knew. I like the design, and there are a couple of amusing bits. Blew through the gym though - mostly Growlithe and Zubat (who evolved to Golbat after the last battle). Then went and stocked up on Fresh Waters and Casteliacones and set out for Route 4.

    The new Route 4 is definitely an improvement on the old one. I'm not sure about the breeder just outside the tunnel though - I guess it's nice to have an easily accessible rematch whenever I want it, and Servine and Petilil (which I got in trade for the Cottonee I wasn't that hot on anyway) certainly like fighting a Drilbur and a Marill, but mostly it just meant that I forged on to Nimbasa about as quickly as possible, so that I wouldn't have to deal with her every time I needed to go to a city.

    Join Avenue seems interesting. Have to see how that plays out.

    Picked up everything and battled all the trainers, then set about catching stuff. Standard routine - save, catch, check, reset-if-necessary, repeat. Took the first Trubbish I got, just because it's only pokedex filler. I got a Jolly Darumaka on about the third one, but it took forever to find an Adamant, Shed Skin Scraggy. Finally found one though, and a nice one at that, then went back into Nimbasa for a while. Fought the Subway bosses with Rosa (kind of cool to see the other trainer in the game - I prefer when that happens) and talked to everyone and such, and saved there. Next up is... maybe the stadiums, or the amusement park, or back out and around to Desert Resort. I'm thinking Desert Resort....